At Indiana Originals, we are simplifying your search for local ________ in Indiana. Lots of people want to buy local, use local, and support local, but finding local hasn’t always been that easy… Until now.  Our mission is to create healthier, stronger communities and more jobs in Indiana by encouraging and facilitating a greater use of local, Indiana original businesses.


Indiana Originals is a growing, statewide directory of products, services, artisans, and businesses established and operating in Indiana.  Indiana Originals exists to help encourage a local preference and facilitate a greater use of local businesses, services, art, food and more. Only truly local businesses can be members, so if you see the Indiana Originals logo, you know you are supporting local.

If you are a consumer, please feel free to browse our website and help familiarize yourself with local entities.  If you own a business, make a product, or sell services, sign up as an Indiana Originals Member.  For more information on what it means to be a member, click here.

In addition to assisting businesses with exposure to new customers, Indiana Originals also offers services in public relations, marketing, web development, search engine optimization, graphic design, logo development, and more to members.  Together, we can truly impact Indiana and help our local businesses and entrepreneurs stay competitive within their market. We look forward to working with you and introducing you to our members.

Leading local living,

Mel, Lance, and Baby Bennett


As told by Sadie Hunter, Current in Geist…

Indiana Originals: Husband and wife duo grow corporation to support ‘truly local’ businesses