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Do you aspire to effectively lead an organization or be a successful social entrepreneur or make a huge positive impact in our world? Are you frustrated, fearful, discouraged, doubt-ridden, distracted or derailed regarding your plan to make your dream come true? Do you need encouraged and seek the support of someone who can hold you accountable for taking action and for making progress? Do you need someone to help you stop counter-productive behaviors or remove self-limiting beliefs?

No one was born highly effective and successful. Every visionary who maximizes their potential has worked hard and grew into the most effective version of themselves. They learn to maximize their strengths, gifts and talents, and manage around their limitations. If you ask them their secret to success, they will probably admit that they did not achieve greatness on their own. Legendary difference makers, social entrepreneurs, and conscious capitalist CEOs have all had coaches and mentors who supported, encouraged. and nurtured their development and growth. You can too!

To be the change you want to see in our would, you just need to allow yourself to be coachable. Then we can work together to co-create your individual ABC (Attitudes, Behaviors, and Competencies) Growth Plan. Your personal ABC Growth Plan will keep you focused and accountable for making progress towards achieving your most important goals, solving your biggest problems and overcoming your most daunting challenges and setbacks.

I coach people who are GIFTS to our world: Growth-oriented and committed to excellence, Inspired to pursue a meaningful mission, Fun to work with, Tenaciously taking on challenges and resistance, Seeking to make a significant and positive impact in our world.  If that sounds like you, then let’s talk about creating your ABC Growth Plan.

If your mission truly matters to you, then investing in becoming the best version of you to successfully complete your mission makes good sense.

While I am based in Indianapolis, Indiana, I work globally one-on-one with my clients via telephone or Zoom.

We produce the Hopeful Hoosier Podcast® featuring people creating a better and brighter future for Indiana.

Let’s see if we can do even more good together!

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