Handcrafted Jewelry By Teri C

About Us

Each piece of jewelry is engendered with the intention of being a component of your day, and your journey!

Our mission statement follows the Golden Rule. Treating my customers like I want to be treated. With Care, Attention, And Respect


Our Story:

As a child, I always loved making jewelry out of junk, old bottle caps, string and buttons from my grandmothers’ sewing box. Nowadays those items are called found objects. Sometimes I would keep and wear the jewelry or give my creations as gifts. The love and passion that I had as a child for creating jewelry, was lost. I received an email from one of our local bead stores here in the city, offering a Make a necklace, bracelet, and earring class, so I immediately signed up. My Love and Passion for creating jewelry resurfaced and was restored and on that 12th day of November. As they say, “The rest is history!”
After leaving the corporate world and the daily high volume of chattering, it offered me a chance to Reinvent my life. While working in the mainstream of life, I wondered if there was something more for me than the 8-6 daily grind and unhappiness and feeling unfulfilled. I found out that Yes!, there is something more:
Handcrafted Jewelry By Teri C., given wings to fly in 2008.
Handcrafted Jewelry by Teri C. is about owning a piece of jewelry that is designed to Uplift, Inspire Your Soul, Your Journey and be a part of your day, making you feel special, each time you wear it. I am a life long resident of Indianapolis, IN and have been designing custom jewelry for ten years. My Inspirational wearable art makes excellent gifts and keepsakes to be passed on to future generations.
In my studio hangs two posters, one quotes Henry Moore, “There’s No Retirement For An artist. It’s Your Way Of Living so there’s No End To It.” The other reads, ”Never, Never, Never Give Up!!!
You can follow my journey on my blog!
Be sure to check back often, because I will be adding new pieces for your viewing pleasure. Don’t forget to share your new finds with friends and family.

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Handcrafted Jewelry By Teri C

New Augusta, IN 46268, USA

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Always open online at tacbeaddazzled.com.