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Lineage Hemp is committed to making a measurable environmental contribution. That’s why we teamed up with farmers to help transition thousands of acres to regenerative practices.  Regenerative agriculture is a land management practice that leverages the enormous power of plant photosynthesis to sequester carbon out of the atmosphere while building soil health, crop resilience, and nutrient density.
We know the healthiest products come from the healthiest plants.  Our regenerative hemp farms create the cleanest CBD on the market.
How does CBD work?  All human bodies have an Endocannabinoid System (ECS) that regulates a variety of processes including pain-sensation, mood and memory.  CBD is a self-leveling compound that enters our ECS and helps our bodies compensate for imbalances.  Live better and bring each day into balance with the focused calm of cannabinoids.

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With every bottle you purchase, you are contributing to our mission of creating a healthier planet and community.

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Lineage Hemp

7802 Marsh Road, Indianapolis, IN, USA

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By appointment, M-F 8AM-6PM

Lineage Farmers Market, Saturday 9:30 – 12PM

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