About Us

I began my CBD journey in 2017. I was sick of being sick!  I had brain fog, fatigue, achy and extreme sensitivity to foods. Doctors couldn’t figure it out.  A foot detox showed very high yeast in my body. Turned out I was battling candida.  I then began the journey to heal myself. When I discovered cbd, I couldn’t stop researching it. I began taking it and “wow”! I haven’t taken another aspirin or medication since. My body now feels strong and “well oiled”. 

Today, after years of researching, becoming a CBD Certified Coach (2019) and trying many different products, I will only present you with natural, trusted and tested products, most are straight from the farm.

I aim to be an educational resource for you, as well. I want to share my knowledge with everyone! I want to be a part of your CBD journey, answering your questions and guiding you through.

*Holistic Health Practitioner in training.

Our Location


311 E Main St, Brownsburg, IN 46112, USA

Business Hours

Tuesday through Thursday 10-6

All other days by appointment.

Curbside and delivery also available.