My Pretty Little Pretzel

About Us

My Pretty Little Pretzel began about 18 years ago when our passionate owner, Kate, and her friend, Stephanie, got together to make some chocolate coated pretzels for the holidays. Little did they know just how much this little passion would grow. In 2016 Kate started taking her chocolate pretzel making to the next level; going to events, catering, donating gift baskets to her kids schools, and My Pretty Little Pretzel was born as a company. Shortly after, Kate realized she needed more hands on deck to make all the product that people were requesting and brought on Brenda as the head of the kitchen staff. When Kate’s story was featured in the “The Current in Carmel,” Meg reached out and wanted to see if she could help in some way. She loved Kate’s mission of “love in the details” and wanted to be involved. Meg continues to this day to help in every little way. Just as Kate’s staff was growing, her presence at events grew too which is when Stephanie (yes, that same Stephanie from many years ago) came aboard. She began helping Kate with going to events and spreading the word about My Pretty Little Pretzel.
As each season comes, more and more people are hearing about our custom, made-to-order desserts and are coming by the hundreds. They just can’t get enough! As the orders have grown to being all around the Central Indiana area and the nation, Kate decided to grow her team with another young gal, Gwen, who’s taken over all the marketing and social media.
Even though our team has grown, our product are the same as ever- just the flavors change! We still create the best artisan truffles with heavenly ganache and custom hand dipped pretzels coated in candy, nuts and sugar sugar scrubs. All made with a little bit of chocolate and a whole lot of love.
With each season, we’ll keep experimenting and creating new delicious flavors. This fall we’re rolling out some of our favorites like Ancho You Glad You Tried Me, Pumpkin Spice Latte, and Apple of My Eye. Keep your eye out for new flavors each season!

Our Location

My Pretty Little Pretzel

Carmel, IN, USA